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The professional detailing and paint correction team at Bright Steam understands that there are many types of car owners whose lifestyle and driving habits demand different levels of automotive upkeep. Our versatile staff, with vast experience, offers a wide range of detailing skills, benefits, and expertise that is imperative to our success.

Full service, best-in-class auto concierge services to thousands of residents in some of Miami's most admired high-rise buildings and hotels.

Steam Wash—A New Way of Cleaning

 Conventional methods of cleaning a vehicle such as pressure washing or hand washing, push dirt into the clear coat and paint. Bright Steam’s method utilizes steam-vapor technology.

Our steam equipment is specifically tailored for washing and detailing cars. Fortador’s Pro Plus “Powered by Lamborghini” provides unmatched effectiveness and sanitizing power for all automotive cleaning applications. We know this is the safest way to clean and protect a vehicle from unnecessary scratches and damage.

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